Day 02


Let me introduce myself.

Ií»d like to introduce myself.

Whatí»s your name?   ->

Ií»m íŽíŽíŽíŽíŽ

Ií»m íŽíŽíŽíŽíŽ

<- May I ask your name?

Where are you from? ->

Ií»m from íŽíŽíŽíŽíŽ

How old are you? ->

You look young for your age.

Ií»m íŽíŽíŽ

Thank you.

I work for (name of company.)

       at/in (name of place.)

<-What do you do (for a living)?

My English is terrible.

I need to study English harder.

My English isní»t very good.

I want to be fluent in English.

í┌ Arranged by Shiho