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27 August 2003


Take Care of Your Teeth!


Are you pregnant?  Are your teeth and gums (1) in good shape?  Lets hope so! 


Why? If your oral (2) health is poor, this may be bad news for your baby.  Doctors know that pregnant mothers with poor oral health are more likely to give birth prematurely (3).


There is now even more proof of the connection between poor oral health premature delivery (4).  A recent study by periodontists (5) shows that treating severe gum disease greatly reduces the risk that pregnant women will have premature deliveries.


So if youre pregnant, make sure you brush and floss daily, and also visit your dentist.  If your wife or friend is pregnant, give her the same advice.


Questions and Commentary


Some people dont know it, but oral health is linked to our overall health.  You now know that pregnant womens oral health affects the health of their babies.  But did you also know that people with poor oral health are more likely to have heart disease?  Well, its true.


Another issue worth mentioning is flossing.  A lot of Koreans never floss, but many (though not all) Canadians and Americans do.  Could anyone out there tell me why this is so?  My dentist in Canada tells me that flossing is as important as—or even more important than—brushing.  So if you dont floss, you might consider starting—and soon!


Vocabulary Builder


1. Gums: (noun) The soft tissue that holds your teeth in place.

- My gums were really sore and tender after getting my teeth cleaned.

- The dentist told me that my gums are in very good shape.

- This toothpaste fights tartar below the gumline.


2. Oral: (adjective) Used to describe the mouth region.

- You shouldnt neglect your oral health.


3. Prematurely: (adverb) Too early.

- The baby was born prematurely.

- You want to quit your job already?  Dont you think your decision is a little premature?  Youve only been working there for six weeks!


4. Delivery: (noun) In this context, the act of giving birth.

- She was in labor for twenty hours, and her delivery was long and painful.


5. Periodontist: (noun) A doctor whose specialty is the gum region.

- My periodontist is great, but hes a little expensive.


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