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EnglishBloopers.com related links

Engrish.com homepage
Click here to visit the famous Engrish.com, a site primarily devoted to the way Japanese misuse English—in the webmaster's own phrasing, "Engrish." Check out this site and have yourself a good laugh!
Rude Foods page
Here's another site in a similar vein. Go to this page and you'll find one-of-a-kind images of different Rude Foods on offer around the globe. A word of caution to our more strait-laced visitors: this site has its fair share of "coarse language."
Lord Fahruz's Domain
This is the domain of Lord Fahruz. Prepare to bow and scrape! Actually, this is an interesting site where you can find classic examples of not only "Engrish"—but also "Flançais," "Gelman," and "Itarian." Enjoy.

English Education links

Dave's ESL Cafe homepage
Dave's ESL cafe is known to a lot of ESL teachers and students who surf the Web. What can I say...? It's a fantastic resource, and it's free at that! I've benefited from it many times over. Thanks, Dave!
MES-English.com homepage
For ESL teachers of young learners, this site can be summed up in two words: simply incredible. The webmaster, Mark, has made available a huge compilation of free printable resources. In particular, the flashcard collection has been invaluable to my English classes. Way to go, Mark!
Boggle's World
No time to prep for classes? Boggle's World offers lots of free, ready-to-go, downloadable worksheets. Print yerself out some word searches, crossword puzzles, and flashcards. No strings attached.
I just had to put this one in here! Current, informative, useful, hip, and hilarious are just a few of the adjectives that spring to mind. A one-of-a-kind resource for native speakers of English and English learners alike. Oh, and I'd have to rate it NC-17.
abcteach is full of ideas and resources for English teachers, especially those who teach kids. If your next lesson is coming up soon, and you're stumped, this is a good place to head.

Links of personal interest

Marie Becker-Pos's homepage
My mom, Marie Becker-Pos, lives in Toronto. She's an artist, and this is her homepage. She has scanned a lot of her art and made it available to every netizen!
The Ernest Becker Foundation
My biological father, Ernest Becker, was a social anthropologist who wrote several books about the human condition. His best-known work discusses the human fear of death—specifically the ways in which we attempt to deny our mortality. Though Becker is now deceased, a foundation bearing his name has come into being.
Are you interested in current and future technological trends? Of course you are! Do you want to learn how "accelerating intelligence" is changing and will change our lives? Sure you do! There's no better place to start than here.
Dr. Robert Pos's Home Page
My adoptive father, Dr. Robert Pos, has published an important work in the field of psychology/psychiatry. To learn more about his research and his book, visit Dr. Pos's website.
BigHominid's Hairy Chasms
My friend Kevin Kim is an erudite soul who is currently raking in the cash as an English teacher in Korea. His blog is extremely well written, which is a rarity in the blogosphere. In addition, Kevin's blog is chock-full of commentary on every subject imaginable, from the scatological (musings on shits and farts) to the theological (searching out the meaning of our existence). Do yourself a favor and check out his blog, which ain't for the prudish or squeamish.



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