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This page exists exclusively to acknowledge those people whose assistance has helped make EnglishBloopers.com grow and improve. Anyone who makes a lasting or substantial contribution to EnglishBloopers.com will earn him/herself a place on this page.

Name Contribution
Natasha Riebe Many thanks to Tasha for helping me come up with a good name for this site.
Shiho Becker-Pos My best partner in this venture, Shiho has worked very hard to help me find suitable material for the site.
Kenneth Hash Thanks so much to Kenny for his enthusiastic help with my site, for his image submissions, and for listening to me rant!
Ron Schafrick When he's not writing editorials, Ron cruises the streets atop his hardcore mountain bike, snapping away with his digital camera. Ron has an expert eye for EnglishBloopers. Many thanks to Ron!
Nneka Edwards Big smiles for my talented friend Nneka, who has given me some valuable feedback and come up with interesting ideas for the site, and whose hearty laugh keeps my spirits lifted.
Namsook Kang Thanks to Namsook—master of irony, sarcasm, and the pejorative rebuke—for introducing me to Korean superstitions.



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